4 Reasons Immigrant/Expat Women find it hard to grow after moving to a new Country

Published on 22 June 2023 at 08:00

I, like many of the women I’ve worked with, arrived with a lot of dreams and goals set out. While some were able to work on and achieve some or all of their goals, others don’t know where to start from. 

In this article, I will talk about only 4 of some of the reasons immigrants, especially women, find it hard to grow.


  • They are not psychologically prepared. Most were forced/coerced to move by their spouse or due to some reason or the other. Many women moved unprepared only because their spouses wanted them to at that moment or for necessity. Some had other plans, lucrative jobs and stability. They had to leave all of these and their family and friends to make the move to a new place. 


  • Double face discrimination - as women and as immigrants. In most climes the world over, it’s hard enough being a woman due to gender based discrimination. Immigrants also face some level of discrimination in many places. Being both woman and immigrant makes settling in and eventual growth even more difficult.

  • Language barriers. Many people who move find out that they need to learn a new language. And  until they are able  to  learn that language reasonably well, growth is usually slow.


  • Cultural differences. Cultural differences is another reason many find it difficult to grow. Certain things that are socially acceptable in a place may be a taboo in others. It is important to understand the local cultures (laws, rules…)and work towards growing around them.

Growing in a new environment could be difficult but with the right approach, it's worth it. You could find a few tips here


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