What Have you got in your hands?

Published on 22 June 2023 at 12:28

Many things have and are still being said and believed about immigrants but one fact remains - no one is completely devoid of skills. 

In the last article, we talked about a few of the factors that hinder the growth of women immigrants/expats. Finding their feet or getting a job of their choice is usually difficult not only due to the factors listed in that article. Thre is another thing usually overlooked : Skills.



A lot of immigrant women have had to settle for only certain kinds of jobs (I live in Italy and usually the major ones are caregiving and cleaning) because they've been told that it is the only thing they are 'qualified' to do. But is this really true?


I have come to realise that previous the work experiences and skillsets of the majority of these women are largely ignored when they go job hunting not only  by potential employers but by the women themselves. The focus is basically on their being foreigners and so only 'qualified' to do certain jobs. 

Some have educational qualifications that need  to be passed through some process in other to be recognised by the (Italian) system. Many do not have the financial capability to get it done at the beginning. 

However, asides educational qualifications, there are lots of other skillsets that can and should be put into consideration. There are lots of women who have learnt and mastered various occupations like clotehs designing and sewing, hairdressing, jewellery making, and so on and all they need is a bit of updated training to be able to work effectively in these industries.

There are also those who have entrepreneurship skills and ideas. So what have you got in your hands? You can always start from wherever you areand with whatever you have. What is that skill or ability you look upon only as a passion? It could actually be turned to profits. 

All  you need to do is to realise what you have and start from somewhere. There are also a  variety of opportunities that could be a starting point.

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