5 Tips for Making Friends as an Expat Woman in Europe

Published on 5 July 2023 at 12:16


Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet daunting experience. One of the most important aspects of settling into your new home is making friends. Having a support network can make a huge difference in helping you feel connected, navigate cultural differences, feel empowered and embrace the beauty of your new surroundings. Here are five tips to help you make friends as an expat woman in Europe.

1. Embrace Cultural Exchange

Take advantage of the rich cultural diversity that Europe has to offer. Join local language classes, cooking workshops, or art and dance classes. These activities provide a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share your interests. As you engage in these activities, be open to learning about different cultures and sharing your own background. Embracing cultural exchange will not only enrich your experience but also help you create lasting friendships.

2. Attend Expat Meetups and Events

Expat and immigrant communities are vibrant and active across Europe. Keep an eye out for expat meetups and events happening in your city. Websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to expats and immigrants are excellent places to find these gatherings. Attending these events will connect you with other expat women who understand the joys and challenges of living abroad. Share stories, trade tips, and forge meaningful connections with a diverse group of individuals who may become lifelong friends.

3. Volunteer for Local Causes

Giving back to the community is an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals and develop friendships. Look for local charitable organizations or community centers where you can volunteer your time and skills. Whether it's helping at a food bank, participating in environmental clean-ups, or working with refugees, volunteering allows you to connect with locals and expats who share your passion for making a positive impact. Not only will you make a difference, but you are also likely to meet wonderful people along the way.

4. Join Expat Social Clubs or Associations

Many cities in Europe have expat social clubs or associations that organize regular meetups and social events. These clubs provide a welcoming atmosphere specifically designed for expatriates to connect and enjoy each other's company. From hiking and sports clubs to book clubs and wine tasting events, there is something for everyone. Joining these clubs not only helps you meet fellow expats but also enables you to integrate into the local community and build deeper connections.

5. Be Open and Approachable

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to be open and approachable. Smile often, make eye contact, and be friendly in your interactions with others. Europeans appreciate warmth and genuine interest in their culture, so don't be afraid to strike up conversations with locals. Be patient, as building friendships takes time, but with a positive attitude and an open heart, you'll be able to form meaningful connections before you know it.


Starting a new life as an expat woman in Europe is an adventure to be cherished. Making friends along the way will help you create a support system and make the most of your experience. Remember to embrace cultural exchange, seek out expat events, volunteer, join social clubs, and be open and approachable. With these five tips, you're sure to meet wonderful people and build lasting friendships that will make your new life in Europe even more enriching.

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